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  • A fierce warlord. Six Infinity Stones that control the multi-verse. One mission to destroy the galaxy, another to save it. A team of heroes ready for the fight. Whoever wields the Infinity Gauntlet wields the fate of the universe! Imagine the tremendous power of Thanos with the  Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist!
  • Lights, sounds, and display mode
  • This Infinity Gauntlet electronic fist from the Legends Series features premium design and styling, as well as intricate detailing on 6 light-up Infinity Stones on the gauntlet and the gauntlet itself. Each stone features a light effect,.
  • Imagine controlling the fate of the universe
  • Space. Reality. Power. Mind. Soul. Time. These are the 6 Infinity Stones that contain the power to control and contort the universe in any and all of the ways one could possibly imagine. To wield one is to wield dominance, to wield them all is absolute rule.